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Rough Draft
Rough Draft
A cocktail shaker of creativity!

We love new stuff.  We can't get enough of it.  From gut-wrenching theatre to side-splitting comedy, melodic music to punchy poetry, and all those arty bits in between, we love seeing all the new and exciting things that fall out of those creative brains.  But more often than not, the first stumbling block when making something new is getting it seen, finding out if it works, and finding people to help you make it.

Enter Rough Draft.

Put together by a handful of Leicester creatives, Rough Draft is a platform for artists to do just that.  Once a month we hold our scratch nights, each artists getting fifteen minutes to share their work, be that script in hand or something more polished.  We then chat with the audience, ask questions, get answers (or we have paper forms too).

Got something you want to share?  Get in touch with us by emailing

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